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Hello and Welcome to Inspirational Photography.

Although we supply restaurants, picture libraries, book publishers and other commercial outlets, 90% of our photographs are sold to add the finishing touches to your home decor. Inspirational Photography gives you the opportunity to buy beautiful art for yourself and your home.

If a room in your home is lacking character, by simply placing some fine art prints on the walls either framed and mounted or on canvas can actually make quite an impact. Wall pictures are a necessary accessory in your home and are great to tie in with the room’s style and colour accent.

Bring your fireplace to life with one of our selection of photographs. Bring warmth and a touch of charm to your bathroom. Turn the lounge of your dreams into a clear plan of action with beautiful photographs to really help you on your way. Add that finishing touch to your bedroom to create that welcome relaxing and elegant retreat.

Inspirational Photography provides you with the online options to browse and buy from our vast and expanding catalogue of images. Our prices are highly competitive. We supply a range of images that includes, Landscape, Flowers, Macro, Sunrises, Sunsets Insects, Scripture to mention just a selection of what you desire.

Whilst we supply images framed and mounted, most customers prefer just to buy the image so they can frame and mount them themselves to match in with their original decor. However, one way of displaying art has now finally found its niche, that is the Box Canvas.

Using a traditional canvassing method, the photographic paper is stripped away from the backing material and bonded and sealed onto gallery grade canvas. The canvas is then stretched around a wooden 1 1/2 inch block frame. The canvas is backed with hardboard to ensure it will never need re-stretching and is supplied with wall fixings ready to hang. We are able to produce a canvas for most images and the sizes start from a 10×8 and can go up to a 30×20. For further information about Box Canvas’s, please contact us.

There are many offers and benefits you will find to choose from to help you achieve your desired effect.

* View a wide range of beautiful images. Each photograph is guaranteed for a minumum of 20 years and having a 90 day money back guarantee. Each photograph also comes personally signed and dated by the photographers.

* Claim a FREE 7×5 photograph, valued at £44.72.

* Choose to have a Scriptured or Non Scripture framed or unframed photograph. Each photograph is professionaly printed on the highest quality papers by custom laboratiories meeting the highest standards, with a price range to meet everyone’s requirements.

* Claim a FREE 8×6 photograph valued at £47.92.

* Subscribe to a FREE newsletter, giving you photography tips for both digital and 35mm cameras, special offers, seasonal offers and much more.

Please email us if you would like more information regarding any of our services or images. We will respond by email within 24 hrs or the next working day. If we fail to contact you within this time, you will receive a 12×10 framed and mounted photograph of your choice FREE worth £83.92.

Wishing you every success

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Keith and Nicky Sharp
Inspirational Photography

Last updated 09 January 2006

Inspirational Photography is a Christian based company producing photographic art. Founded by me, Keith Sharp and my wife, Nicky Sharp, we specialise in framed photo prints, photographs of sunrises, sunsets, landscapes, close-ups, flowers and wildlife. In fact almost anything that reflects God’s beauty. We also add scriptures to our pictures.

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